Monday, November 15, 2010

I've learned something new

I finally realised that we have to be satisfy with what we have.
and always be happy with what we have. <3

I m happy and satisfy with my life now.
I got most of the things that i dreamt of having it. and i appreciate it much! :)

I hope that all of u are enjoying ur lifes as well.
sometimes when we think... ...

How i wish i have this... how i wish i have that...
but when we actually got this and that, we actually want something more than that.
Human are never satisfy and never says ENOUGH. because its never enough for us.

and i learnt that we cannot trust people easily. even a best friend who u knows her since ever. since primary school. LOL.

I dont trust u but it doesnt mean that i will bitch about u or even do anything bad towards u because i bliv in karma. :)
hehe. actually I believe in karma after meeting somebody.
I have a strong believe in karma.
And i really hope that the things that we guessed its not the truth.
Please don't disappoint me friend! :D <3
Must remember i love u always babe!! :)


Only for you!

I support TCMAINE


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I m SORRY world!!! :(

Sorry that i've abandoned my BLOG for a period of time. today i feel like writing something, so I've decided to blog about my LIFE recently.
many drama happened to me actually. UPS and DOWNS. :/
I have nothing to say about it.
life is unpredictable, i will never noe what will happen tmr. today may be the best day of my life, then tmr might be the worst nightmare. seriously, i just want a happy and simple life <3
I never beg for any pricey or branded stuffs. all i need is love and care by my family and loved ones.
I m not a perfect child. nobody is perfect right? I m kinda good girl already, i mean compared to the worse ones la.
But then sometimes i m kinda rebellious.
if u noe me since ever,i think u will noe that if u want me to do something, the more i will not do the thing. i will just go against it.
so if u want to handle me or want me to be a goodgirl, please go by the soft way but not the hardway. if u wanna noe something from me, ask me patiently, bt not by threatening me. ;) REMEMBER THAT OK world??
ANOTHER thing i wanna ask is:
do u guys ever realised ppl now always talk about branded stuffs?.. Honestly, i dont really understand. == Is it that proud and happy to have branded things on ur body??
HELLO!!! I m FUCKING happy with the fake POWERPUFF GIRLS shirt and pants that bought from market when i was younG OK???
Is it that important to own those stuffs?? R we going to die of hunger if we don't have any branded stuffs?? -.-"
nevermind~ i will never understand that. I will just accept that the world is changinG.

P/S: next post will be all about U! just wait patiently. :) <3

Nights world!
love lots!!
maine <3

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Can we pretend that airplanes In the night sky Are like shooting stars I could really use a wish right now life now is very complicated. since the day i broke up with him.
I AM LOST!!!!!
somebody please safe me. i noe nobody can, but myself. i have to be strong. i must noe what i actually want, and what i actually dun.
I have to be determine enough to say NO. i should not delay and always avoid something. I noe it is stupid to do that. but then i can't help it.
it is already one of my habit after the day i broke up
i dun have the mood to do anything.
i've became a part-time b*tch.
i dun want this devil-side of Sharmaine Ang. i want to be back the decent angel!!
I didn't realise that I've turned into a bitch. until somebody told me about it.
i thought b4..... is kyi the only one that can gimme happiness and hang-fok-ness. when i saw the photo of soo chian with the flower, i think back last year valentine's day, u sent a bouquet of flowers to my hse. and my mum thought that it was hers. hahah. my dad was so embarrassed. Until now, i still cant tell whether can the others gimme that happiness. CAN YOU GIVE ME THAT SOHAI??!!! I bliv that u can. i just like spending time with u.

after i broke up with him. there's a special one tht is always there when i need somebody to talk to.
i never thought that we've came this far. i really do hope that my life can go back to normal.
i want a normal life back. <3 i need everybody's support and courage.

p/s:f**k-off bitches. dun try to ruin my life, u father-mucker!!!

Love, maine

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Many people are expecting their life to go on like what they really want..
but honestly, it is not an easy thing to be successful in one's life.
we need to put in a lot of effort and time in it! =(
when i was young, my grandma and grandpa also tell me that:" ai guai guai tak chek, pat tau zho lawyer, gak si lo kun pun ho"...
the elderly always want us to be either or lawyer because in their mind thought that only these occupation will earn lots of money.
they never noe that the richest person on earth is the creator of programme in computer(microsoft;bill gates)

for me,
what i really want is:
continue my studies in inti and make sure my results are like flying colours, then get scholarship so that i can continue my studies... ...
Then choose the course that i really like(THE MOST IMPORTANT)
i dun like to follow one's suggestion, because i believe if u really have faith and interest in a field, then for sure u will be successful and earn BIG money, buy BIG cars and BIG houses for my parents! hahahahahhahahhaha. *proud*
Besides, i want a family that is happy and cozy.
wanna let u guys no i have a very happy and BAHAGIA family actually.*not trying to show off.
since i was young, my parents never leave me alone, they will always be there when i need them.

Today i m very very happy, i think i m the luckiest girl in this planet, although my father is not bill gates and my mum is not Oprah.
i get the LOVE that nobody will ever noe.
the love from my uncles, aunties, parents, brothers, grandpa and grandma. =)
plus, now even from my love<3 woots*
he is the nicest guy i have met. maybe u guys may think that i m too young to say the sentence "the nicest guy i have met"
i was just trying to make the post sound more interesting. and of course i genuinely think so too. <3 he will listen to me when i m unhappy.
not to forget, i have true-hearted-friends that will always there when i m in trouble, oopss. thank you so so much! especially those that know me since ever. =)
i m glad that our friendship does stay! <3 <3 hugs*
everything goes so well around me! hope the luck will continue following me, my family, my love, and all my beloved friends...until...the end of the world. *pray hard*

* a simple way to make ur day happy,: every morning when u wake up, think of something happy and funny to make urself laugh or smile.. it will brighten up ur whole day. i read tht from a book that i found useful. u can even call someone that is important for u or close friends to hear them sweet talk. =) xoxo.

i noe i m a lucky girl. ;D

ps: next week study break . final exam . freedom
gosh! i can smell freedom already!!!!!!! damn.
wish me luck~

Thursday, March 11, 2010

its been century since my last update,, this time i post up this post is to release some of my tension.

today(11-03-2010) is my worst nigthmare.
today, is the day spm results released.
i juz cant believe it. i noe i can do better than this. but why can this happen to me.
its not like i never study. in fact i studied quite hard and quite confident this time.
but it ended up like shit. i juz truly disappointed w/ it.
once i got my results, sshhoooosssshhhh.........
i'm gone.
i went to a random car park, then i park my car there. then i started crying alone, all by myself. bcuz i juz cant control it..
the tears burst out from my lovely eyes. then i look myself in the mirror.
OMFG i look like a red-nose-reindeer+ a ghost.
then suddenly, a guard nearby knocked on my window. i winded down my window bcuz i tot i cant park there or something. of course i make sure the guard was not holding a weapon or smtg. he's an old man. he looked quite friendly of course.
then surprisingly, he asked me, "hey miss, what happen? r u alrite?" then i was like... "hmm, ya. i'm ok. dun worry". then i winded back my window.
luckily he didn't shock to death by looking at my scary face. phheww..
then i continued crying for bout 20 mins. while i was crying, my phone non-stop ringing and ringing. sry friends. i seriously couldn't talk. i can barely breathe.
but after i calm myself down, i thought of my grandma.
she sayang-ed me the most.
she loves me for who i m.
she doesnt like me to change myself and try to act like others. she wants me to act like who i m.
i love her i miss her sooo sooo much.
during tht moment, what i wanted the most was her big big hug,
i can still rmb when i stayed with her in kulim when i was young, wheni was 2-3 and5-6. i loved going back to kulim during kindergarten holidays.
i miss the days when she held my hand and walk to the market.
sometimes, we even ran back home if it rains.
i miss when she scratched my back until i fell asleep.
i miss when we talked everynight until we fell alsleep.
i miss when we counted "1..2..3.." then we promised not to talk and juz sleep, bcuz we had too much to talk, if we didn;t use this method, we can juz until the next morning. haha
she has NO temper AT ALL. i dunno where can we get a woman with no temper.
she talks very softly. and gently even though i've done something wrong.;
i miss when she took a syringe full with anti-biotic or medication and chased me all around the house. juz to make sure i recover faster.

I WANT UR HUG NOW MAMA. can u pls come and gimme a last hug.
i get results tht did not satisfy me, i noe u're the only one tht wun blame me as long as i've tried my best.
i love u and miss u always.
u're always the best besides my mummy daddy.

then, i drove like a wind to the temple where my grandma was placed.
then i talked to her for a lil while.
i hope she can hear tht.
i sat at the cushion nearby. i nearly fell asleep. Zzzzz~ ( i think bcuz i cried too much)
then....complete silent....
"hello *going-to-die-voice*"\
"ah min ar, where r u?"
our conversation went on.
my family were so worried bout me.
felt so bad rite now.

now i felt better. thanks dear! for comforting me!!

then juz nw during dinner time, ah leong kuku came.
he let me try something really awesome and funny!!
hahahaahahhahaha. u all shld try tht.
it works.
thank you!!!
i dunno hw m i going to live w/out u. i mean when i'm going to other place to study.
even to kl ir anywhere.
i'm going to miss u.
and u cant tam me like u used to tam me!! =( =( =(

btw, i have something to tell daddy mummy too..
i;ve done my best and no regrets.
and thank you so much for all the things u've gave me.
these things are the things tht not ALL of the parents can give to the children.
sorry if i disappoint u guys,
i will try harder next time.
so i can get scholarship and reduce ur burden.
love lots.

must continue support and love me!!
and the most important!!!
be by my side whenever i need u!!!

<3 <3 <3

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

OMFG~ GG season 3 *coming soon*


gosisp girl is back!

my ex-most-favorite-idol. *smirks*
actually she was my role model.

First of all,

Casper Meets Wendy

Cadet Kelly

The lizzie Mcguire Movie *love it*

Cheaper By the Dozen

Agent Cody Banks (all time Favorite)

the fairy tale-A Cinderella Story

raise your voice *thumbs up*

then material girls with haylie duff(her sister)


guess wat?!
hilary duff is one of the guest star of Gossip Girl Season 3!

Hilary duff is joining Gossip Girl for a multi-episode arc, according to’s Ausiello Files.

Duff will play Olivia Burke, a movie star who enrolls at NYU — and will end up rooming with Vanessa (Jessica Szohr). That should be fun. How much you wanna bet that Duff’s movie star character is totally going to rub Vanessa the wrong way. Should make for some good laughs!

Duff will debut in Gossip Girl’s fourth episode in season 3, slated to air Oct. 5.

so look up for this girl. i'm freaking excited!

she'll hav some hot scenes with dan humphrey(Penn Badgley).
no offense to those ppl who thinks serena and dan are perfect couple.
actually i think serena and dan are perfectly together too.
but i'm so excited to c how does it look like when hilary and dan are together.
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