Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Can we pretend that airplanes In the night sky Are like shooting stars I could really use a wish right now life now is very complicated. since the day i broke up with him.
I AM LOST!!!!!
somebody please safe me. i noe nobody can, but myself. i have to be strong. i must noe what i actually want, and what i actually dun.
I have to be determine enough to say NO. i should not delay and always avoid something. I noe it is stupid to do that. but then i can't help it.
it is already one of my habit after the day i broke up
i dun have the mood to do anything.
i've became a part-time b*tch.
i dun want this devil-side of Sharmaine Ang. i want to be back the decent angel!!
I didn't realise that I've turned into a bitch. until somebody told me about it.
i thought b4..... is kyi the only one that can gimme happiness and hang-fok-ness. when i saw the photo of soo chian with the flower, i think back last year valentine's day, u sent a bouquet of flowers to my hse. and my mum thought that it was hers. hahah. my dad was so embarrassed. Until now, i still cant tell whether can the others gimme that happiness. CAN YOU GIVE ME THAT SOHAI??!!! I bliv that u can. i just like spending time with u.

after i broke up with him. there's a special one tht is always there when i need somebody to talk to.
i never thought that we've came this far. i really do hope that my life can go back to normal.
i want a normal life back. <3 i need everybody's support and courage.

p/s:f**k-off bitches. dun try to ruin my life, u father-mucker!!!

Love, maine
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