Monday, June 29, 2009

thank you

hi everybody
i never got criticized by anyone for awhile already
i'm so glad that i hav a friend that will remind me when i did something wrong once awhile.
omg! WHAT I"VE DONE..nehh..ntg actually. haha.
i would like to say THANK YOU to u
u're the best-est friend that i ever had
although sometimes u juz try to hint about it.
but i'm not that dumb that i cant get wat u're trying to say *winks*
THANK YOU for changing me to a better person
fyi everybody, its FOC free of charge
how glad am i to hav this friend.
a TRUE friend =D
this is what friends are for right?
she understands me well bcuz every assumptions or guesses that she made.
its 100% identical v what's on my mind.
where can u get this kinda friend nowadays.

p/s, sister, oopppsss....*inside joke*

xoxo, maine

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

dull. =.=

oh my gosh.i almost get rusted d. but then i also dun wan school reopen
ah!!! i dun wana get my results
i dun wana wake up early everyday
neither wearing my school uniform


i went for a haircut
but then juz trim a lil only la.
haha..not much different actually..=.=

ps, will update soon. was so busy v my driving practical and test, if i pass my test.i'm so gonna drive out n fetch all of my friends.*tcmaine, sy,hy,lynne, jamie,cc,theresa & gang,sok theng & gang, and khong yi*smirks**

xoxo, maine

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