Monday, November 15, 2010

I've learned something new

I finally realised that we have to be satisfy with what we have.
and always be happy with what we have. <3

I m happy and satisfy with my life now.
I got most of the things that i dreamt of having it. and i appreciate it much! :)

I hope that all of u are enjoying ur lifes as well.
sometimes when we think... ...

How i wish i have this... how i wish i have that...
but when we actually got this and that, we actually want something more than that.
Human are never satisfy and never says ENOUGH. because its never enough for us.

and i learnt that we cannot trust people easily. even a best friend who u knows her since ever. since primary school. LOL.

I dont trust u but it doesnt mean that i will bitch about u or even do anything bad towards u because i bliv in karma. :)
hehe. actually I believe in karma after meeting somebody.
I have a strong believe in karma.
And i really hope that the things that we guessed its not the truth.
Please don't disappoint me friend! :D <3
Must remember i love u always babe!! :)


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