Monday, March 30, 2009

a special thanks to *giselle*

great times

this year we're in diff class d..
so not as clos as last year d.
but then i'll always rmb those days.
sweet times

thanks for the b'day present:

with love,

Thursday, March 26, 2009

ooppss!! *smirks*

the four 'new girls'

cam-whore session

first time met ms imin..haha
she's a nice girl =)

accidentally took it *ignore my face*

calleigh dash

jamie, me & lynne

us, and k.sing

H & S



.group photo.

with love,

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

best birthday ever. only i realize that u dun need a birthday PARTY for birthdays,
while at the same time, i can be super-duper happy!!
yipee..i celebrated early tiz year. v my CGL babes..
we went to gurney-manila place
the food were delicious,
nice n cozy place to hang out.
b4 that we went for movies(hotel for dogs)
*it's a MUST WATCH movie though

*lynne *shin yee

k.sing, jamie

yun & chi cheng

they gav me a surprise




they bought me a cake!!!thank you!!muackz~

took b4 we left manila place

next stop, segafredo

we planned to act that scene AGAIN.
babes ask me to act like i'm surprise again
while they were setting up the same CAKE in sega,
me, ks, hy, sy, n cc went to the toilet first.

the dramas

act like i'm surprise again.

caution!!! the photossssss that v took on that nite.

*according to alphabetical order*lol
#chi cheng
#shin yee


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