Thursday, April 15, 2010


Many people are expecting their life to go on like what they really want..
but honestly, it is not an easy thing to be successful in one's life.
we need to put in a lot of effort and time in it! =(
when i was young, my grandma and grandpa also tell me that:" ai guai guai tak chek, pat tau zho lawyer, gak si lo kun pun ho"...
the elderly always want us to be either or lawyer because in their mind thought that only these occupation will earn lots of money.
they never noe that the richest person on earth is the creator of programme in computer(microsoft;bill gates)

for me,
what i really want is:
continue my studies in inti and make sure my results are like flying colours, then get scholarship so that i can continue my studies... ...
Then choose the course that i really like(THE MOST IMPORTANT)
i dun like to follow one's suggestion, because i believe if u really have faith and interest in a field, then for sure u will be successful and earn BIG money, buy BIG cars and BIG houses for my parents! hahahahahhahahhaha. *proud*
Besides, i want a family that is happy and cozy.
wanna let u guys no i have a very happy and BAHAGIA family actually.*not trying to show off.
since i was young, my parents never leave me alone, they will always be there when i need them.

Today i m very very happy, i think i m the luckiest girl in this planet, although my father is not bill gates and my mum is not Oprah.
i get the LOVE that nobody will ever noe.
the love from my uncles, aunties, parents, brothers, grandpa and grandma. =)
plus, now even from my love<3 woots*
he is the nicest guy i have met. maybe u guys may think that i m too young to say the sentence "the nicest guy i have met"
i was just trying to make the post sound more interesting. and of course i genuinely think so too. <3 he will listen to me when i m unhappy.
not to forget, i have true-hearted-friends that will always there when i m in trouble, oopss. thank you so so much! especially those that know me since ever. =)
i m glad that our friendship does stay! <3 <3 hugs*
everything goes so well around me! hope the luck will continue following me, my family, my love, and all my beloved friends...until...the end of the world. *pray hard*

* a simple way to make ur day happy,: every morning when u wake up, think of something happy and funny to make urself laugh or smile.. it will brighten up ur whole day. i read tht from a book that i found useful. u can even call someone that is important for u or close friends to hear them sweet talk. =) xoxo.

i noe i m a lucky girl. ;D

ps: next week study break . final exam . freedom
gosh! i can smell freedom already!!!!!!! damn.
wish me luck~

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