Wednesday, February 11, 2009

the Performance

i din hav a photo of me, holding my bass guitar..xintze, holding DRUM sticks..kah ho holding his cool electric guitar or neither, ze chuen holding her guitar.
but v do performed on the 12th day of CNY at Tmn Sri Nibong mini club hse

OMG! it's a new year..

Here are some photos of how i celebrated my CNY.
it's nt as boring as i think. kinda enjoyed it >.<

my cousin brother ~wei xian~ *heart* him

another one (wei zhen)

i love him so muchi!..he's so photogenic.

cute huh?

besides, i went out v theresa them, if u guys wana c more of our photos,
u guys can visit.
yingqi / theresa's blog

i went to a performance i week after the outing,

Then, my sista'~maine~, darling shinyee n JF came to my place on the 14th day of CNY

MAINEss (v din take photo together for a very long time d lo)

best pal, Shinee

i noe is very funny, perhaps, ugly.
but my brother snap tiz shot.
so i'm forced to post up tiz photo.muahaha

more photos soon

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